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Image of MikroElektronika's 1000th Click board™ Milestone
1000th Click board™ Milestone

MikroElektronika's Click board portfolio covers a wide variety of products from leading silicon manufacturers.

Precision RF
Precision RF

Samtec’s broad range of precision RF product lines meet today’s increases in speed, frequencies & densities by delivering high quality, high-frequency RF solutions including cable assemblies, connectors & board level interconnects. Learn more at Digi-Key!

Image of ESPROS' TOFcam-660 3D Camera
TOFcam-660 3D Camera

ESPROS' TOFcam-660 is a cost-optimized 3D camera based on the proprietary time-of-flight technology using the epc660TOF flagship chip.

Industrial Backplane Connector Solutions
Industrial Backplane Connector Solutions

Amphenol’s broad industrial backplane connector line contains hard metric, future bus and 2.54mm DIN 41612 connectors. Learn more about their feature packed products at Digi-Key now!

Image of SiTime's SIT9025 AEC-Q100-Compliant MEMS Oscillators
SIT9025 AEC-Q100-Compliant MEMS Oscillators

The SiT9025 from SiTime Corporation is one of the industry's first AEC-Q100-compliant, automotive-grade spread spectrum oscillators.

Image of Vishay/BC Components' VDRUS Series Varistors
VDRUS Series Varistors

Vishay's VDRUS series varistors are certified for operation up to 125°C without derating.

Image of Molex's EXTreme Guardian Over-Molded Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assemblies
EXTreme Guardian Over-Molded Off-the-Shelf (OTS) Cable Assemblies

Molex's EXTreme Guardian over-molded cable assemblies are capable of carrying 50 A to 60 A of current and are an excellent option for many power applications.

Image of Silicon Labs' Simple, Efficient, and EMI Compliant Power Over Ethernet EVBs
Simple, Efficient, and EMI Compliant Power Over Ethernet EVBs

With Silicon Labs' latest Power over Ethernet (PoE) evaluation boards, users can easily add 15 W, class 3 PoE to any design.

Image of Maxim's MAX77655 Low IQ SIMO PMIC

Maxim's MAX77655 low IQ SIMO PMIC with 4 buck-boost channels delivers a 70% reduction in solution size with only one inductor required.

Image of Texas Instruments' DRV8210 12 V 1A Brushed DC Motor Driver
DRV8210 12 V, 1 A Brushed DC Motor Driver

Texas Instruments' DRV8210 12 V, 1 A brushed DC motor driver is designed for applications that require a half-bridge or H-bridge power stage configuration.

Image of Texas Instruments' THVD8000 RS-485 Transceiver With OOK Modulation
THVD8000 RS-485 Transceiver with OOK Modulation

Texas Instruments' THVD8000 RS-485 transceiver can transmit data over an AC coupled power line pair using on-off keying (OOK).

Image of MPS' MP6540H/MP6540HA DC Motor Drivers
MP6540H/MP6540HA DC Motor Drivers

MPS three-phase brushless DC motor drivers integrate 3 half-bridges consisting of 6 N-channel power MOSFETs, power supplies, current-sense amplifiers, and more.

Image of Maxim's MAX17227A nanoPower Boost Converter
MAX17227A nanoPower Boost Converter

Maxim's MAX17227A is a 400 mV to 5.5 V input, 2 A nanoPower boost converter with integrated short-circuit protection and True Shutdown™.

Han-Har Products
Han/Har Products

Harting presents the har-flex® Power, har-modular® & Han® S connector lines complete with a variety of modular and power connector options as well as the first large scale connector for battery storage modules. Learn more at Digi-Key today!

Image of ILLUMRA's E9X-RUV-3HOTP 5 A 902 MHz Fixture Controller Relay
E9X-RUV-3HOTP 5 A 902 MHz Fixture Controller Relay

ILLUMRA’s E9X-RUV-3HOTP 5 A 902 MHz three-wire fixture controller relay can control the on/off function of a light or ¼ hp motor.