FG Series, Halogen-Free Ceramic Capacitors with Dipped Radial Leads

TDK introduces their consumer/automotive grade, FG series, halogen-free ceramic capacitors with dipped radial leads that are ideal for noise reduction

Image of TDK's FG SeriesTDK's halogen-free FG series ceramic capacitors with dipped radial leads feature high reliability, up to 150°C rated temperature tolerance, and high humidity resistance. Because of the leads, this dipped radial product can be used for welding or crimping, making it an ideal noise-reduction solution in motor applications. TDK's FG series is capable of absorbing bending stress to mitigate mechanically-related damage to the product. Acoustic noise can also be reduced by using this dipped radial series. TDK offers a wide rated voltage and capacitance range by supporting values up to 630 V and 100 μF, respectively.

  • Halogen-free to support the design of environmentally friendly applications
  • Wide rated voltage range from 6.3 V to 630 V
  • Broad rated capacitance range from 1 pf to 100 μF
  • Designed for harsh environmental conditions with temperatures of up to 150°C
  • Automotive-grade series is qualified to AEC-Q200
  • EMI suppression in various automotive electric motors
  • Smoothing bypass capacitors
  • Resonance circuits in keyless entry systems
  • Snubber circuits and PFC inputs

FG Series Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
FG18C0G1H100DNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 10PF 50V C0G RADIALFG18C0G1H100DNT06CAP CER 10PF 50V C0G RADIAL4426 - Immediate
FG18C0G1H100DNT06 product page link
FG18C0G1H101JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 50V C0G RADIALFG18C0G1H101JNT06CAP CER 100PF 50V C0G RADIAL4159 - Immediate
FG18C0G1H101JNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H020CNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 2PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H020CNT06CAP CER 2PF 50V C0G RADIAL2556 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H020CNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H100DNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 10PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H100DNT06CAP CER 10PF 50V C0G RADIAL3847 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H100DNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H3R3CNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H3R3CNT06CAP CER 3.3PF 50V C0G RADIAL3920 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H3R3CNT06 product page link
FG28X7R1H102KNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R RADIALFG28X7R1H102KNT06CAP CER 1000PF 50V X7R RADIAL3341 - Immediate
FG28X7R1H102KNT06 product page link
FG28X7R1H104KNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R RADIALFG28X7R1H104KNT06CAP CER 0.1UF 50V X7R RADIAL7120 - Immediate
FG28X7R1H104KNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H681JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 680PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H681JNT06CAP CER 680PF 50V C0G RADIAL2381 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H681JNT06 product page link
FG18C0G2A4R7CNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 4.7PF 100V C0G RADIALFG18C0G2A4R7CNT06CAP CER 4.7PF 100V C0G RADIAL4366 - Immediate
FG18C0G2A4R7CNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H222JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 2200PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H222JNT06CAP CER 2200PF 50V C0G RADIAL2963 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H222JNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H272JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 2700PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H272JNT06CAP CER 2700PF 50V C0G RADIAL10084 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H272JNT06 product page link
FG28X5R1E225KRT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 2.2UF 25V X5R RADIALFG28X5R1E225KRT06CAP CER 2.2UF 25V X5R RADIAL5924 - Immediate
FG28X5R1E225KRT06 product page link
FG26C0G2J101JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 100PF 630V C0G RADIALFG26C0G2J101JNT06CAP CER 100PF 630V C0G RADIAL3015 - Immediate
FG26C0G2J101JNT06 product page link
FG28C0G1H472JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 4700PF 50V C0G RADIALFG28C0G1H472JNT06CAP CER 4700PF 50V C0G RADIAL33350 - Immediate
FG28C0G1H472JNT06 product page link
FG18X5R1H105KRT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 1UF 50V X5R RADIALFG18X5R1H105KRT06CAP CER 1UF 50V X5R RADIAL1321 - Immediate
FG18X5R1H105KRT06 product page link
FG16X7R1E105KNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 1UF 25V X7R RADIALFG16X7R1E105KNT06CAP CER 1UF 25V X7R RADIAL3328 - Immediate
FG16X7R1E105KNT06 product page link
FG18X5R1E475KRT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 4.7UF 25V X5R RADIALFG18X5R1E475KRT06CAP CER 4.7UF 25V X5R RADIAL1937 - Immediate
FG18X5R1E475KRT06 product page link
FG24C0G2E472JNT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 4700PF 250V C0G RADIALFG24C0G2E472JNT06CAP CER 4700PF 250V C0G RADIAL2862 - Immediate
FG24C0G2E472JNT06 product page link
FG14X7R1H105KRT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 1UF 50V X7R RADIALFG14X7R1H105KRT06CAP CER 1UF 50V X7R RADIAL4751 - Immediate
FG14X7R1H105KRT06 product page link
FG24X7R1H225KRT06 datasheet linkCAP CER 2.2UF 50V X7R RADIALFG24X7R1H225KRT06CAP CER 2.2UF 50V X7R RADIAL2291 - Immediate
FG24X7R1H225KRT06 product page link
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Published: 2016-02-09