CR Heatsinks

Ohmite's CR series of heatsinks are ideal for high power density and small size electronic packaging with forced convection cooling

Image of Ohmite's CR HeatsinksOhmite introduces the CR series, configurable and patented (patent pending) high performance heatsinks with universal cam clip for TO-247, TO-264, and other packages. This proprietary heat sink provides tool and fixture free assembly operation with its patent pending cam clip system. The CR series heatsinks are comparable to some AAVID popular MAX-clip heat sinks in footprint and thermal performance. It is the ideal type of heat sink for high power density and small size electronic packaging with forced convection cooling.

  • 4 extrusion styles in 3 lengths
  • No tools required to secure device with patented Cam Clip System
  • Dual mount design allows up to 6 devices mounted to one heatsink
  • Ability to accommodate multiple devices
  • Vertical mounting using solderable pins
  • Thermal resistance down to 4°C/W
  • Compares to popular AAVID part series 78015, 78010, 78220, and 78070

CR Heatsinks

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPackage CooledAttachment MethodThermal Resistance @ NaturalAvailable QuantityView Details
CR101-25AE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM BLK ANODICR101-25AEALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM BLK ANODITO-1013 Clips and PC Pin7.60°C/W11 - Immediate
CR101-25AE product page link
CR101-25VE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM DEGREASEDCR101-25VEALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM DEGREASEDTO-1013 Clips and PC Pin7.60°C/W24 - Immediate
CR101-25VE product page link
CR101-50AE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM BLK ANODICR101-50AEALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM BLK ANODITO-1013 Clips and PC Pin5.30°C/W547 - Immediate
CR101-50AE product page link
CR101-50VE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM DEGREASEDCR101-50VEALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM DEGREASEDTO-1013 Clips and PC Pin5.30°C/W19 - Immediate
CR101-50VE product page link
CR101-75AE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 75MM BLK ANODICR101-75AEALUMINUM HEATSINK 75MM BLK ANODITO-1013 Clips and PC Pin4.20°C/W33 - Immediate
CR101-75AE product page link
CR101-75VE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 75MM DEGREASEDCR101-75VEALUMINUM HEATSINK 75MM DEGREASEDTO-1013 Clips and PC Pin4.20°C/W107 - Immediate
CR101-75VE product page link
CR201-25AE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM BLK ANODICR201-25AEALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM BLK ANODITO-2013 Clips and PC Pin4.70°C/W103 - Immediate
CR201-25AE product page link
CR201-25VE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM DEGREASEDCR201-25VEALUMINUM HEATSINK 25MM DEGREASEDTO-2013 Clips and PC Pin4.70°C/W24 - Immediate
CR201-25VE product page link
CR201-50AE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM BLK ANODICR201-50AEALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM BLK ANODITO-2013 Clips and PC Pin3.30°C/W111 - Immediate
CR201-50AE product page link
CR201-50VE datasheet linkALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM DEGREASEDCR201-50VEALUMINUM HEATSINK 50MM DEGREASEDTO-2013 Clips and PC Pin3.30°C/W36 - Immediate
CR201-50VE product page link
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Cam Clip for TO Devices

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
CLA-TO-21E product page link
Published: 2017-09-21