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TE Connectivity’s industrial IP20-rated RJ45 CAT 6A plugs are field installable plugs that can be terminated without tools and use the same common core technology used throughout TE’s industrial RJ45 family. Installers feed CAT 6A cable through the terminals in the connector housing, and the excess is automatically cut off and individual wires terminated when the housing is closed. The result is an optimal termination and error-free installation in the field. The connectors accept solid or stranded wire from 26 to 22 AWG, and are built for use in industrial cable solutions with applications including control cabinets, motors and motor control, robotics, and machinery.

9/15/2017 4:15:18 PM

Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
VARIANT 14;JACK METAL,RJ45,CAT6A1-2120871-1VARIANT 14;JACK METAL,RJ45,CAT6A76 - ImmediateView Details
RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG2120892-3RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG26 - ImmediateView Details
RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG2120892-2RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG75 - ImmediateView Details
VARIANT 14; METAL PLUG, RJ45,CAT1-2120864-1VARIANT 14; METAL PLUG, RJ45,CAT95 - ImmediateView Details
VARIANT 14 COUPLER;RJ45,CAT6A,8P1-2120875-1VARIANT 14 COUPLER;RJ45,CAT6A,8P62 - ImmediateView Details
RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG2120892-1RJ45 CONNECTOR CAT6A, IP20 PLUG202 - ImmediateView Details