Model 3038 Accelerometer

Miniature piezoresistive MEMS SMD accelerometer designed for high performance applications, from TE Connectivity

Image of Measurement Specialties' Model 3038 AccelerometerMeasurement Specialties's Model 3038 is a hermetically sealed, SMD accelerometer designed for high performance applications. The accelerometer incorporates a gas-damped piezoresistive MEMS sensing element providing outstanding long-term stability. The model 3038 provides a millivolt output signal and features mechanical overload stops to provide shock protection to loads greater than 10,000 g.

Choosing the Right Accelerometer

Five Questions Measuring Over 50 g

Features Applications
  • ±50 g to ±6000 g dynamic ranges
  • Board mountable accelerometer
  • Low power consumption
  • Hermetic LCC package
  • DC response, gas damping
  • 6000 Hz bandwidth
  • Harsh environments
  • Vibration and shock monitoring
  • Impact testing
  • Embedded applications
  • Instrumentation
  • Machinery

Model 3038 Accelerometer

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
3038-2000 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 2000G ANALOG LCC3038-2000ACCELEROMETER 2000G ANALOG LCC91 - Immediate
3038-2000 product page link
3038-0200 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 200G ANALOG LCC3038-0200ACCELEROMETER 200G ANALOG LCC23 - Immediate
3038-0200 product page link
3038-0050 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 50G ANALOG LCC3038-0050ACCELEROMETER 50G ANALOG LCC24 - Immediate
3038-0050 product page link
3038-6000 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 6000G ANALOG LCC3038-6000ACCELEROMETER 6000G ANALOG LCC03038-6000 product page link
3038-0100 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 100G ANALOG LCC3038-0100ACCELEROMETER 100G ANALOG LCC35 - Immediate
3038-0100 product page link
3038-0500 datasheet linkACCELEROMETER 500G ANALOG LCC3038-0500ACCELEROMETER 500G ANALOG LCC18 - Immediate
3038-0500 product page link
Published: 2012-06-29
Updated : 2017-07-26