U2J Dielectric Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

KEMET's U2J dielectric, surface-mount, multilayer ceramic chip capacitors now available in Commercial and Automotive AEC-Q200 Grades

Image of Kemet C1086 and C1087 FT-CAP Ceramic CapacitorsIn order to meet the growing demand for higher capacitance multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs) in a Class I dielectric material, KEMET has developed a surface-mount dielectric platform that offers up to 120% more capacitance than available C0G dielectric. Defined by the Electronics Industry Alliance (EIA) as “U2J,” this dielectric material offers an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C with capacitance change limited to -750 ±120 ppm/°C and AEC-Q200 automotive qualification.

U2J parts are well-aligned to the stringent demands of automotive systems. Their superior performance versus other technologies can help designers overcome challenges in circuits requiring low-loss, noise reduction, critical timing, and improved capacitance stability versus commonly used X7R-based parts while offering higher capacitance values than C0G.

U2J capacitors are extremely stable with a linear capacitance change with temperature. This allows design engineers to predict the change in capacitance over the operating temperature range. They also retain over 99% of nominal capacitance at full-rated voltage.

KEMET's U2J dielectric, surface-mount MLCCs are lead free and RoHS / REACH compliant without exception. Unlike some film dielectric devices, these capacitors are capable of withstanding multiple passes through a lead-free solder reflow profile.

Documentation Table

Standard Termination:
Commercial and Automotive U2J Datasheet

Flexible Termination:
Commercial and Automotive FT-U2J Datasheet

Product Brief:
U2J Product Brief

Image of Kemet's U2J Dielectric Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors Table

  • AEC-Q200 automotive qualified
  • Low noise
  • Low ESR and ESL
  • High thermal stability
  • Higher cap value than C0G
  • Linear capacitance change with respect to time
  • Lead (Pb_-free, RoHS, and REACH compliant
  • Non-polar devices
  • Flex termination available
  • Critical timing
  • Decoupling
  • Bypass
  • Filtering
  • Transient suppression
  • Blocking and sensing
  • High current
  • Energy storage
  • Data acquisition
  • Phase lock loop (PLL)
  • Sensors
  • Internet of Things

U2J Dielectric Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionVoltage - RatedCapacitanceAvailable QuantityView Details
C0402C102J5JAC7867 datasheet linkCAP CER 1000PF 50V U2J 0402C0402C102J5JAC7867CAP CER 1000PF 50V U2J 040250V1000pF42515 - Immediate
C0402C102J5JAC7867 product page link
C0603C103J5JAC7867 datasheet linkCAP CER 10000PF 50V U2J 0603C0603C103J5JAC7867CAP CER 10000PF 50V U2J 060350V10000pF17976 - Immediate
C0603C103J5JAC7867 product page link
C0603C153J3JAC7867 datasheet linkCAP CER 0.015UF 25V U2J 0603C0603C153J3JAC7867CAP CER 0.015UF 25V U2J 060325V0.015µF5950 - Immediate
C0603C153J3JAC7867 product page link
C0805C473J3JAC7800 datasheet linkCAP CER 0.047UF 25V U2J 0805C0805C473J3JAC7800CAP CER 0.047UF 25V U2J 080525V0.047µF3695 - Immediate
C0805C473J3JAC7800 product page link
C0402C222J3JAC7867 datasheet linkCAP CER 2200PF 25V U2J 0402C0402C222J3JAC7867CAP CER 2200PF 25V U2J 040225V2200pF6077 - Immediate
C0402C222J3JAC7867 product page link
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Published: 2016-07-21
Updated : 2017-07-21