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XP Power’s ITZ series has the smallest footprint for a 9 W DC/DC converter, while still offering fully regulated outputs from an ultra-wide 4:1 input range for 24 and 48 V nominal inputs. The converters measure just 0.86 x 0.38 x 0.44 inches and are available with single outputs from 3.3 to 24 V, and dual outputs from ±5 to ±15 V. The converters have a remote on/off control, no minimum load requirement, and can drive capacitive loads up to 2600 µF. ITZ series converters have a standard isolation rating of 1500 V, with an option for 3000 V, and are designed for mobile, portable, wireless, and other low power devices requiring isolation and DC conversion.

11/17/2017 9:24:48 PM

Part List

Manufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
ICZ0912S12DC DC CONVERTER 12V 9W117 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912S15DC DC CONVERTER 15V 9W34 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S05DC DC CONVERTER 5V 8W32 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912S24DC DC CONVERTER 24V 9W26 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912S3V3DC DC CONVERTER 3.3V 6.6W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912S09DC DC CONVERTER 9V 9W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S3V3DC DC CONVERTER 3.3V 6.6W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S3V3DC DC CONVERTER 3.3V 6.6W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S05DC DC CONVERTER 5V 8W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S15DC DC CONVERTER 15V 9W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S24DC DC CONVERTER 24V 9W19 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S09DC DC CONVERTER 9V 9W17 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912S05DC DC CONVERTER 5V 8W13 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S12DC DC CONVERTER 12V 9W13 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S15DC DC CONVERTER 15V 9W13 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S09DC DC CONVERTER 9V 9W11 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0924S24DC DC CONVERTER 24V 9W9 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912D05DC DC CONVERTER +/-5V 8W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0912D12DC DC CONVERTER +/-12V 9W20 - ImmediateView Details
ICZ0948S12DC DC CONVERTER 12V 9W0View Details