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- RAFI is a medium-sized enterprise that partners a down-to-earth company philosophy with international innovations. We develop, design, produce, and market powerful solutions for nearly every moment in human-machine communication, from simple key components to highly complex touch systems. We provide these either as standard solutions or according to your individual specifications.

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Image of RAFI's RF15 Series Tactile Switches

RF 15 Series Tactile Switches

RAFI’s RF 15 series tactile switches incorporate keycaps, light guides, and LEDs into one package.

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Image of RAFI's Emergency Stop Switches (E-Stops)

Emergency Stop Switches (E-Stops)

RAFI’s eight series of E-Stop switches, with hundreds of actuators, contact styles, and ratings, are suitable for a wide range of industry applications.

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Image of RAFI's RACON Series Tactile Switches

RACON Series Tactile Switches

RAFI's RACON series tactile switches feature distinct key click and are well-suited for applications that require long life.

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Image of RAFI’s LUMOTAST 16 Series Compact Pushbutton Switches

LUMOTAST 16 Series Compact Pushbutton Switches

RAFI's LUMOTAST 16 series is ideally suited for designs that require both customizable switch input, and emergency shutdown capabilities.

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Image of RAFI's Active/Inactive E-Stops

Active/Inactive E-Stops

RAFI's active/inactive versions of the Lumotast 16, Lumotast 22, and RAFIX 22 FS+ E-stops feature a lighted mushroom head and are ideal for handheld devices.

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Image of RAFI's Lumotast 16 mm E-Stop Safety Switches

Lumotast 16 mm Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Safety Switches

RAFI's Lumotast 16 mm E-Stop family of safety switches have an 18.2 mm mounting depth, saving space and allowing designers to create slim and compact designs.

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RAFIX 22QR Series Overview

RAFIX 22QR Series Overview

Duration: 5 minutes

Familiarizing engineers, designers, and customers with the RAFIX 22QR Switch Control Components.



Duration: 20 minutes

Familiarize engineers, designers, and customers with the RAFIX FS Switch Configurable series.


Keyswitches Overview

Duration: 10 minutes

RAFI keyswitches and systems, short- travel keyswitches, and the MICON 5 series benefits and applications.

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RAFI’s E-Box is designed to be uncomplicated and fast, with a modular system of housing top and bottom, contact module with switching element, actuator or the alternative complete variation with M12 connection.

Publish Date: 2018-11-05

RAFI’s RAMO 22/30 Series

The RAFI key switch series with mounting hole diameters of 22 and 30 mm is perfect for simple integration in your application.

Publish Date: 2018-10-25

Single Pushbutton 16 mm LUMOTAST 16

Flat-reliable-flexible. Compact single pushbutton. Pushbutton and emergency stop. Mounting hole diameter 16.2 mm. Compact design. Mounting depth 18.0 mm. C-Lab labelling system. Up to three contacts per emergency stop.

Publish Date: 2018-09-05

Introduction to the RAMO T and RAMO I series

Introducing the RAMO T tactile key switch and the RAMO I signal lamp. Available in two sizes: 22.3 and 30.3 mm the RAMO series is Plug & Play with quick and simple assembly using an M8 or M12 Sensor cable.

Publish Date: 2017-10-17

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