Level Translation

Introduction to Level Translation

Texas Instruments

This presentation will introduce level translation, also known as level shifter solutions. The tutorial will review the basic concepts of level shifters and discuss where level shifters are used in system applications. It will review the different types of level shifters and highlight the TI level shifter portfolio. In addition, different available resources for finding and implementing TI level shifter solutions will be shared.

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Integrated Circuits (ICs)

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusLogic TypeAvailable QuantityView Details
SN74AUP1T17DCKR datasheet linkIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V SC70-5SN74AUP1T17DCKRIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V SC70-5ActiveBuffer, Non-Inverting22649 - Immediate
SN74AUP1T17DCKR product page link
SN74AUP1T50DCKR datasheet linkIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V SC70-5SN74AUP1T50DCKRIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V SC70-5ActiveBuffer, Non-Inverting14380 - Immediate
SN74AUP1T50DCKR product page link
SN74AVC16244DGGR datasheet linkIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TSSOPSN74AVC16244DGGRIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TSSOPActiveBuffer, Non-Inverting3845 - Immediate
SN74AVC16244DGGR product page link
SN74AVC6T622RGYR datasheet linkIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20-QFNSN74AVC6T622RGYRIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20-QFNActiveTransceiver8363 - Immediate
SN74AVC6T622RGYR product page link
SN74AVC6T622PWR datasheet linkIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20TSSOPSN74AVC6T622PWRIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20TSSOPActiveTransceiver2123 - Immediate
SN74AVC6T622PWR product page link
SN74AVC6T622ZXYR datasheet linkIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20-BGASN74AVC6T622ZXYRIC AUDIO CODEC AC97 TXRX 20-BGAActiveTransceiver2102 - Immediate
SN74AVC6T622ZXYR product page link
SN74AVC16646DGVR datasheet linkIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 56TVSOPSN74AVC16646DGVRIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 56TVSOPActiveTransceiver, Non-Inverting2362 - Immediate
SN74AVC16646DGVR product page link
SN74AVC16245DGVR datasheet linkIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TVSOPSN74AVC16245DGVRIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TVSOPActiveTransceiver, Non-Inverting2497 - Immediate
SN74AVC16245DGVR product page link
SN74AVC16245DGGR datasheet linkIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TSSOPSN74AVC16245DGGRIC TXRX NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TSSOPActiveTransceiver, Non-Inverting1127 - Immediate
SN74AVC16245DGGR product page link
SN74AVC16244DGVR datasheet linkIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TVSOPSN74AVC16244DGVRIC BUF NON-INVERT 3.6V 48TVSOPActiveBuffer, Non-Inverting972 - Immediate
SN74AVC16244DGVR product page link
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Evaluation Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionPart StatusMain PurposeAvailable QuantityView Details
TXB0304EVM datasheet linkEVAL MODULE FOR TXB0304TXB0304EVMEVAL MODULE FOR TXB0304ActiveInterface, Logic-Level Translator13 - Immediate
182 - Factory Stock
TXB0304EVM product page link
TXB0302EVM datasheet linkEVAL MODULE FOR TXB0302TXB0302EVMEVAL MODULE FOR TXB0302ActiveInterface, Logic-Level Translator78 - Factory StockTXB0302EVM product page link
PTM Published on: 2016-12-16