Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection

Hybrid Electric Vehicle Protection


The presentation will provide an overview of the EPCOS component offerings for PTC-ICL thermistors, DC-Link capacitors, and filtering capacitors for the typical applications in the hybrid and electric vehicle market. It will review which product component is best suited for each portion of the circuit architecture with highlights of each individual device as well as the failure modes and solutions for new designs.

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Part List

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
B59451C1130B070 datasheet linkICL 25% 15.00MMB59451C1130B070ICL 25% 15.00MM3667 - Immediate
B59451C1130B070 product page link
B32021A3222M000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 2200PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3222M000CAP FILM 2200PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD5000 - Immediate
B32021A3222M000 product page link
B32021A3222K000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 2200PF 10% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3222K000CAP FILM 2200PF 10% 1.5KVDC RAD17134 - Immediate
B32021A3222K000 product page link
B32021A3102M000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3102M000CAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD13983 - Immediate
B32021A3102M000 product page link
B59750C0120A070 datasheet linkPTC THERMISTOR C 750-A 120-A 70B59750C0120A070PTC THERMISTOR C 750-A 120-A 701557 - Immediate
B59750C0120A070 product page link
B32021A3102M289 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3102M289CAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD6939 - Immediate
B32021A3102M289 product page link
B32021A3152M000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1500PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3152M000CAP FILM 1500PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD16436 - Immediate
B32021A3152M000 product page link
B59219J0130A020 datasheet linkPTC RESETTABLE FUSE 560V 4DIPB59219J0130A020PTC RESETTABLE FUSE 560V 4DIP365 - Immediate
B59219J0130A020 product page link
B59754B0120A070 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 420V RADIALB59754B0120A070PTC RESET FUSE 420V RADIAL1114 - Immediate
B59754B0120A070 product page link
B59752B0120A070 datasheet linkPTC RESET FUSE 420V RADIALB59752B0120A070PTC RESET FUSE 420V RADIAL361 - Immediate
B59752B0120A070 product page link
B32021A3102M189 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3102M189CAP FILM 1000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD819 - Immediate
B32021A3102M189 product page link
B32021A3152M289 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1500PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3152M289CAP FILM 1500PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD720 - Immediate
B32021A3152M289 product page link
B32021A3103M289 datasheet linkCAP FILM 10000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3103M289CAP FILM 10000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD450 - Immediate
B32021A3103M289 product page link
B32021A3222M189 datasheet linkCAP FILM 2200PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3222M189CAP FILM 2200PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD0B32021A3222M189 product page link
B32021A3103M000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 10000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3103M000CAP FILM 10000PF 20% 1.5KVDC RAD0B32021A3103M000 product page link
B59412C1130B070 datasheet linkICL 120 OHM 25% 15MMB59412C1130B070ICL 120 OHM 25% 15MM0B59412C1130B070 product page link
B32021A3102K000 datasheet linkCAP FILM 1000PF 10% 1.5KVDC RADB32021A3102K000CAP FILM 1000PF 10% 1.5KVDC RAD0B32021A3102K000 product page link
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PTM Published on: 2016-11-23