MAX® 10 Motor Control using a Single-Chip Low-Cost Non-Volatile FPGA

Intel® FPGAs

The purpose of this presentation is to provide an introduction to the Intel® MAX® 10 FPGA in motor control applications. It will discuss the benefits of this product in the motor control applications. Additionally, it will explain the Intel® motor control IP as well as cover the DoC (Device-on-Chip) system debug tools.

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10M04DCU324C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 246 I/O 324UBGA10M04DCU324C8GIC FPGA 246 I/O 324UBGA184 - Immediate
10M04DCU324C8G product page link
10M04SAU169C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M04SAU169C8GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA586 - Immediate
10M04SAU169C8G product page link
10M08SAU169C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M08SAU169C8GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA4292 - Immediate
10M08SAU169C8G product page link
10M04DAU324C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 246 I/O 324UBGA10M04DAU324C8GIC FPGA 246 I/O 324UBGA704 - Immediate
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10M08DFV81C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 56 I/O 81WLCSP10M08DFV81C8GIC FPGA 56 I/O 81WLCSP1113 - Immediate
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10M08DCF256C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M08DCF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA185 - Immediate
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10M08DAF256C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA10M08DAF256C8GIC FPGA 178 I/O 256FBGA172 - Immediate
10M08DAF256C8G product page link
EK-10M08E144 datasheet linkKIT EVALUATION MAX 10 FPGAEK-10M08E144KIT EVALUATION MAX 10 FPGA154 - Immediate
EK-10M08E144 product page link
DK-DEV-10M50-A datasheet linkKIT DEV MAX 10 FPGADK-DEV-10M50-AKIT DEV MAX 10 FPGA65 - Immediate
DK-DEV-10M50-A product page link
10M04SCU169C8G datasheet linkIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA10M04SCU169C8GIC FPGA 130 I/O 169UBGA31 - Immediate
10M04SCU169C8G product page link
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PTM Published on: 2015-06-10