YFF Series Feed Through Filter

TDK’s feed-through YFF series is an exceptional design which allows for low parallel inductance for high-speed IC decoupling applications

Image of TDK's YFF Series: Feed Through FilterTDK’s feed-through YFF series capacitors feature three-terminal design with even lower ESL than reverse geometry capacitors. The third terminal acts as a ground. Unique internal design allows for low parallel inductance and offers excellent noise reduction capability for high-speed digital IC decoupling.

The YFF series is offered in a variety of case sizes with operating temperature ranges up to 125ºC. A wide range of capacitance and rated voltages from 4 V to 50 V are available as well.

Features Applications
  • Ultra-low inductance (less than 200 pH)
  • Optimized for use as a noise bypass capacitor for signal and power circuits
  • Aids in EMC compliance
  • Up to 125°C operating temperature available
  • RoHS, WEE, and REACH compliant
  • Decoupling CPU power lines
  • High-speed digital IC applications
  • High impedance/high current circuits
  • EMC counter measures

YFF Series Feed Through Filter

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionCapacitanceAvailable QuantityView Details
YFF15PC0G435MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 4.3UF 20% 4V 0402YFF15PC0G435MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 4.3UF 20% 4V 04024.3µF19544 - Immediate
YFF15PC0G435MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1C223MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.022UF 16V 0402YFF15SC1C223MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 0.022UF 16V 04020.022µF0YFF15SC1C223MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1C473MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.047UF 16V 0402YFF15SC1C473MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 0.047UF 16V 04020.047µF8994 - Immediate
YFF15SC1C473MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1E102MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 20% 25V 0402YFF15SC1E102MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 1000PF 20% 25V 04021000pF17550 - Immediate
YFF15SC1E102MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1E103MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 20% 25V 0402YFF15SC1E103MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 0.01UF 20% 25V 040210000pF16948 - Immediate
YFF15SC1E103MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1E222MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 2200PF 20% 25V 0402YFF15SC1E222MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 2200PF 20% 25V 04022200pF0YFF15SC1E222MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1E472MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 4700PF 20% 25V 0402YFF15SC1E472MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 4700PF 20% 25V 04024700pF0YFF15SC1E472MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1H101MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 100PF 20% 50V 0402YFF15SC1H101MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 100PF 20% 50V 0402100pF48462 - Immediate
YFF15SC1H101MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1H220MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 22PF 20% 50V 0402YFF15SC1H220MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 22PF 20% 50V 040222pF17533 - Immediate
YFF15SC1H220MT000N product page link
YFF15SC1H221MT000N datasheet linkCAP FEEDTHRU 220PF 20% 50V 0402YFF15SC1H221MT000NCAP FEEDTHRU 220PF 20% 50V 0402220pF7794 - Immediate
YFF15SC1H221MT000N product page link
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Published: 2015-10-28