NTCG Series Thermistors

TDK's NTCG series SMD negative temperature coefficient thermistors offer low thermal time constants

Image of TDK's NTCG Series ThermistorsTDK’s NTCG series thermistors are manufactured from sintered metal oxides. Each thermistor consists of a combination of two to four of the following materials: manganese, nickel, cobalt, and copper. NTC thermistors are semiconductor resistors that exhibit decreasing resistance characteristics with increasing temperature. TDK thermistors have low thermal time constants which result in extremely high rates of resistance change to accurately track the temperature.

  • Lead (Pb)-free product
  • Wide range of resistances and B constants available
  • Good stability of resistance value after soldering
  • Automotive grade parts are AEC-Q200 compliant
  • Mobile communication devices
  • DVC, DSC
  • Optical transmission system
  • Computer devices
  • Car audio unit
  • Printers

NTCG Series

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
NTCG103JF103FT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 0402NTCG103JF103FT1NTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 0402339008 - Immediate
NTCG103JF103FT1 product page link
NTCG164KF104FT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 1% 0603NTCG164KF104FT1NTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 1% 0603142979 - Immediate
NTCG164KF104FT1 product page link
NTCG163JF103FT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 0603NTCG163JF103FT1NTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 0603124162 - Immediate
NTCG163JF103FT1 product page link
NTCG164BH103JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 5% 0603NTCG164BH103JT1NTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 5% 060315690 - Immediate
NTCG164BH103JT1 product page link
NTCG063JF103FTB datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 0201NTCG063JF103FTBNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 1% 020116895 - Immediate
NTCG063JF103FTB product page link
NTCG164BH103HT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 3% 0603NTCG164BH103HT1NTC THERMISTOR 10K OHM 3% 060316396 - Immediate
NTCG164BH103HT1 product page link
NTCG104LH104JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 5% 0402NTCG104LH104JT1NTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 5% 040232935 - Immediate
NTCG104LH104JT1 product page link
NTCG103EH101JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 100 OHM 5% 0402NTCG103EH101JT1NTC THERMISTOR 100 OHM 5% 040210623 - Immediate
NTCG103EH101JT1 product page link
NTCG164BH472JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 4.7K OHM 5% 0603NTCG164BH472JT1NTC THERMISTOR 4.7K OHM 5% 06034000 - Immediate
NTCG164BH472JT1 product page link
NTCG164LH104JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 5% 0603NTCG164LH104JT1NTC THERMISTOR 100K OHM 5% 06035341 - Immediate
NTCG164LH104JT1 product page link
NTCG164LH154JT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 150K OHM 5% 0603NTCG164LH154JT1NTC THERMISTOR 150K OHM 5% 06035900 - Immediate
NTCG164LH154JT1 product page link
NTCG104BF683HT1X datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 68K OHM 3% 0402NTCG104BF683HT1XNTC THERMISTOR 68K OHM 3% 040214915 - Immediate
NTCG104BF683HT1X product page link
NTCG104BH102HT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 1K OHM 3% 0402NTCG104BH102HT1NTC THERMISTOR 1K OHM 3% 040236175 - Immediate
NTCG104BH102HT1 product page link
NTCG104QH474HT1 datasheet linkNTC THERMISTOR 470K OHM 3% 0402NTCG104QH474HT1NTC THERMISTOR 470K OHM 3% 040212747 - Immediate
NTCG104QH474HT1 product page link
NTCG103EH220JT1 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 22 OHM, 5%, 040NTCG103EH220JT1THERMISTOR, NTC, 22 OHM, 5%, 04010000 - Immediate
NTCG103EH220JT1 product page link
NTCG103UH103JT1 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 10K OHM, 5%, 04NTCG103UH103JT1THERMISTOR, NTC, 10K OHM, 5%, 0410000 - Immediate
NTCG103UH103JT1 product page link
NTCG104EF104HT1X datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 100K OHM, 3%, 0NTCG104EF104HT1XTHERMISTOR, NTC, 100K OHM, 3%, 010000 - Immediate
NTCG104EF104HT1X product page link
NTCG104QH474JT1 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 470K OHM, 5%, 0NTCG104QH474JT1THERMISTOR, NTC, 470K OHM, 5%, 010000 - Immediate
NTCG104QH474JT1 product page link
NTCG103JF103JTDS datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 10K OHM, 5%, 04NTCG103JF103JTDSTHERMISTOR, NTC, 10K OHM, 5%, 0410000 - Immediate
NTCG103JF103JTDS product page link
NTCG104BH472JT1 datasheet linkTHERMISTOR, NTC, 4.7K OHM, 5%, 0NTCG104BH472JT1THERMISTOR, NTC, 4.7K OHM, 5%, 010000 - Immediate
NTCG104BH472JT1 product page link
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Published: 2016-05-20