Rectangular Near Field Communication (NFC) Antennas

Molex features their NFC antennas with two-way read/write operations over a wide range of detection distances

Image of Molex's Rectangular Near Field Communication (NFC) AntennaMolex's rectangular NFC antennas maximize effectiveness of quick, two-way read and write operations over a wide range of detection distances from metallic and non-metallic substrate applications. The plated pads provide electrical contact to connecting spring clips or pogo pins mounted on the application PCB and allow easy integration on the application substrate due to its pliability.

  • Automotive
    • Infotainment systems
    • Smart car functions
  • Consumer
    • Payment processing systems
    • Apparel tagging readers
  • Electronic keys
  • Industrial
    • Airline ticketing systems
    • Air baggage and cargo
    • Logistics, conveyors, and roll cages
  • Security access control systems

NFC Antennas

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
1462360031 datasheet linkRECTANGLE STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 41462360031RECTANGLE STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 45344 - Immediate
1462360031 product page link
1462360121 datasheet linkSTANDARD NFC ANTENNA 34X46(WITH1462360121STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 34X46(WITH4352 - Immediate
1462360121 product page link
1462360021 datasheet linkSTANDARD NFC ANTENNA 34X461462360021STANDARD NFC ANTENNA 34X467426 - Immediate
1462360021 product page link
Published: 2017-11-15