EM2130, 30 A PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down Converters

Intel offers the EM2130 single output digital PowerSoC synchronous step-down converter with advanced digital control techniques

Image of Intel's EM2130, 30 A PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down ConvertersIntel's Enpirion® EM2130 is a fully integrated high-efficiency 30 A DC-DC step down digital PowerSoC. The device delivers an outstanding combination of power density and conversion efficiency. The EM2130 integrates power switches, inductor, gate drive, controller, and compensation in a small 11 x 17 mm QFN package. The EM2130 is PMBus version 1.2 compatible, which helps to configure the device settings including output voltage, fault thresholds, and warnings depending on application needs.

With full integration of all DC-DC components into the package, the EM2130 is designed, characterized, and qualified as a complete power system, resulting in a low-risk solution with low failure in time (FIT) rates. The EM2130 will dramatically improve the system reliability versus discrete power supply solutions.

Excellent thermal performance and custom designed magnetics enhance efficiency and enable the EM2130 to deliver 30 A continuous operating current across the full industrial operating temperature range. The proprietary digital power conversion loop of the controller in the EM2130 is designed to meet the precise voltage and fast transient requirements of core rails of high-performance FPGAs, ASICs, DSPs, and processors within a total solution size of 360 mm².

  • Meets all high-performance FPGA requirements
    • Digital loop for fast transient response
    • 0.5% set-point over line, load, and temperature
    • Output ripple as low as 10 mVP-P
    • Optimized FPGA configurations stored in NVM
  • 30 A continuous current with no thermal derating
  • Wide 4.5 V to 16 V input voltage range
  • 0.7 V to 3.6 V output voltage range
  • High efficiency in 11 mm x 17 mm x 6.76 mm QFN package
  • Programmable through PMBus™ interface
    • VOUT margining, startup, and shutdown delays
    • Programmable warnings, faults, and response
  • Ability to operate without PMBus
    • RVSET resistor for programmable VOUT
    • RTUNE resistor for single resistor compensation
  • Tracking pin for complex sequencing
  • RoHS compliant, MSL level 3, 260°C reflow

 Image of Intel's EM2130, 30 A PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down Converters Schematic

EM2130, 30 A PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down Converters

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EM2130L01QI datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 0.7-1.325VEM2130L01QIDC DC CONVERTER 0.7-1.325V741 - Immediate
EM2130L01QI product page link
EM2130H01QI datasheet linkDC DC CONVERTER 1.35-3.6VEM2130H01QIDC DC CONVERTER 1.35-3.6V476 - Immediate
EM2130H01QI product page link

Evaluation and Interface Boards

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
EVI-EM2COMIF product page link
EVB-EM2130H01QI product page link
EVB-EM2130L01QI datasheet linkEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130L01QIEVB-EM2130L01QIEVALUATION BOARD FOR EM2130L01QI0EVB-EM2130L01QI product page link
Published: 2017-07-27