Lepton 3 High Resolution LWIR Camera Module

FLIR offers their highest resolution micro thermal camera with 160 x 120 active pixels

Image of FLIR's Lepton 3.0The FLIR Lepton 3, FLIR's highest resolution LWIR micro thermal camera solution, delivers full 160 x 120 pixel thermal resolution, a 4x increase over earlier Lepton versions. The revolutionary Lepton was the first complete longwave infrared thermal camera small enough to be used in smartphones and other mobile devices. The new, higher resolution Lepton 3 gives users better image detail in a powerful, compact, lightweight package for even greater utility in commercial applications as both a thermal camera and a detection sensor. Smaller than a dime and ten times less expensive than a traditional IR camera, the 160 x 120 resolution Lepton brings high quality thermal vision everywhere.

  • Enhanced IR sensor: greater resolution and sensitivity than common thermopile arrays
    • 160 x 120 active pixels
    • Thermal sensitivity
    • Low operating power: 140 mW typical, 650 mW during shutter event
    • Low power standby mode
  • Micro thermal imager: uncooled thermal imaging for small electronics
    • 56° lens
    • Integrated digital thermal image processing
    • Integrated shutter
    • Fast time to image (<0.5 seconds)
  • Ease of integration: simplifies development and manufacturing of thermal-enabled devices
    • Small 11.8 mm x 12.7 mm x 7.2 mm package
    • SPI video interfaces
    • Uses standard cell phone-compatible power supplies
    • Two-wire serial control interface
    • 32-pin socket interface to connector
  • Mobile phones
  • Gesture recognition
  • Building automation
  • Thermal imaging
  • Night vision

Lepton 3

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionTypePixel SizeActive Pixel ArrayAvailable QuantityView Details
500-0726-01 datasheet linkCAMERA IR 160X120 50DGR 9HZ REV3500-0726-01CAMERA IR 160X120 50DGR 9HZ REV3Thermal12µm x 12µm160H x 120V1302 - Immediate
500-0726-01 product page link
Published: 2017-05-23