Cyclone® V FPGA Family

Intel® Cyclone V FPGA family offers level cost-savings through integration

Image of Intel Cyclone V FPGA FamilyIntel's Cyclone V FPGAs provide the market's lowest-system-cost and lowest-power-FPGA solution for applications in the industrial, wireless, wireline, broadcast, and consumer markets. The family integrates an abundance of hard-intellectual property (IP) blocks to enable you to do more with less-overall system cost and design time. The SoC FPGAs in the Cyclone V family offer unique innovations such as a hard-processor system (HPS) centered around the dual-core ARM® Cortex®-A9 MPCore™ processor with a rich-set of hard-peripherals to reduce system-power, cost, and board size.

Because Cyclone V FPGAs integrate an abundance of hard(IP) blocks, you can differentiate and do more with less overall system cost, power, and design time. Key hard-IP blocks include the following:

  • Hard-memory controllers supporting 400 MHz DDR3 SDRAM with optional error correction code (ECC) support
  • PCI Express® (PCIe®) Gen2 with multifunction support
  • Variable-precision digital signal processing (DSP) blocks
  • HPS Dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor

The devices are built on TSMC's 28 nm Low-Power (28LP) process, which brings down the power and cost required by cost-sensitive applications.

  • Up to 40% lower-total-power compared with Cyclone IV GX FPGAs
  • Lowest-power serial transceivers with 88 mW maximum-power consumption per channel at 5 Gbps
  • Over 4,000 MIPS (Dhrystones 2.1 benchmark) processing performance for under 1.8 W (for SoC FPGA)
  • Lower-power due to increased use of hard-IP-blocks

Development Kits

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable QuantityView Details
DK-DEV-5CSXC6N product page link
DK-DEV-5CEA7N product page link
P0419 datasheet linkDEV ATLAS SOC A9 LINUX SBCP0419DEV ATLAS SOC A9 LINUX SBC0P0419 product page link

Cyclone V FPGA Family

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionNumber of LABs/CLBsNumber of Logic Elements/CellsTotal RAM BitsAvailable QuantityView Details
5CEBA2F17C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 128 I/O 256FBGA5CEBA2F17C8NIC FPGA 128 I/O 256FBGA9434250002002944149 - Immediate
5CEBA2F17C8N product page link
5CEBA2F23C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 224 I/O 484FBGA5CEBA2F23C8NIC FPGA 224 I/O 484FBGA9434250002002944564 - Immediate
5CEBA2F23C8N product page link
5CEBA2U15C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 176 I/O 324UBGA5CEBA2U15C8NIC FPGA 176 I/O 324UBGA9434250002002944325 - Immediate
5CEBA2U15C8N product page link
5CGXFC3B7F23C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 208 I/O 484FBGA5CGXFC3B7F23C8NIC FPGA 208 I/O 484FBGA11900315001381376634 - Immediate
5CGXFC3B7F23C8N product page link
5CEFA7F23C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA5CEFA7F23C8NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA56480149500788070480 - Immediate
5CEFA7F23C8N product page link
5CEFA7U19C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA5CEFA7U19C8NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA5648014950078807041067 - Immediate
5CEFA7U19C8N product page link
5CGXFC7C7F23C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA5CGXFC7C7F23C8NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA56480149500788070478 - Immediate
5CGXFC7C7F23C8N product page link
5CGXFC7C6F23I7N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA5CGXFC7C6F23I7NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484FBGA56480149500788070460 - Immediate
5CGXFC7C6F23I7N product page link
5CGXFC7C6U19I7N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA5CGXFC7C6U19I7NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA564801495007880704351 - Immediate
5CGXFC7C6U19I7N product page link
5CGXFC7D6F27I7N datasheet linkIC FPGA 336 I/O 672FBGA5CGXFC7D6F27I7NIC FPGA 336 I/O 672FBGA56480149500788070473 - Immediate
5CGXFC7D6F27I7N product page link
5CGXFC3B7U15C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 144 I/O 324UBGA5CGXFC3B7U15C8NIC FPGA 144 I/O 324UBGA1190031500138137678 - Immediate
5CGXFC3B7U15C8N product page link
5CEFA9F23C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 224 I/O 484FBGA5CEFA9F23C8NIC FPGA 224 I/O 484FBGA1135603010001425100826 - Immediate
5CEFA9F23C8N product page link
5CEBA2U19C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 224 I/O 484UBGA5CEBA2U19C8NIC FPGA 224 I/O 484UBGA9434250002002944124 - Immediate
5CEBA2U19C8N product page link
5CGXFC7D7F31C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA5CGXFC7D7F31C8NIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA56480149500788070439 - Immediate
5CGXFC7D7F31C8N product page link
5CEFA7F31C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA5CEFA7F31C8NIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA56480149500788070420 - Immediate
5CEFA7F31C8N product page link
5CGXFC7D7F27C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 336 I/O 672FBGA5CGXFC7D7F27C8NIC FPGA 336 I/O 672FBGA56480149500788070417 - Immediate
5CGXFC7D7F27C8N product page link
5CGXFC7C7U19C8N datasheet linkIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA5CGXFC7C7U19C8NIC FPGA 240 I/O 484UBGA5648014950078807049 - Immediate
5CGXFC7C7U19C8N product page link
5CGXFC7D6F31I7N datasheet linkIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA5CGXFC7D6F31I7NIC FPGA 480 I/O 896FBGA56480149500788070405CGXFC7D6F31I7N product page link
Published: 2014-03-27