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- Sensata Sensors highly engineered devices satisfy the world’s growing need for safety, energy efficiency, and a clean environment. These are devices that improve safety, efficiency, and comfort for millions of people every day and are used in automotive, appliance, aircraft, industrial, military, heavy vehicle, heating, air conditioning, data, telecommunications, recreational vehicle, and marine applications.

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3000 Series Temperature Sensors

Sensata's 3000 series temperature sensors are the ideal solution for monitoring and regulating temperature in equipment and processes. Learn More

116CP Series Plastic Ceramic Capacitive Sensors

Sensata’s 116CP plastic ceramic capacitive sensors in a small innovative plastic package are ideal for boilers, pumps, and other light industrial applications. Learn More

Solutions for Commercial Beverage

Sensata Technologies offers a variety of products including sensors, switches & more to help provide solutions for your commercial beverage needs. Learn More

5100 Hermetically Sealed Thermostat Probe

Sensata's 5100 series is an SPST, snap-action, hermetically sealed temperature control designed for applications requiring high vibrational resistance. Learn More

1NT Fixed Temperature Thermostats

Sensata's single throw, snap-action, fixed temperature thermostat is suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial applications. Learn More

DARTS High-Temperature Probes

The DARTS series from Sensata is a line of thin film platinum RTD based temperature sensors ideal for demanding cooling applications. Learn More

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Sensata University | CD120 101

In this video, learn what the CD120 is, how it was developed, what value it brings and some application examples. This is a new draw wire encoder that excels in applications that need to measure position from a distance.

Sensata Solutions | CD120

Check out Sensata's CD120 series, a draw wire encoder built for industrial applications.

Sensata Solutions | 116CP

Check out Sensata's 116CP series, a pressure sensor designed for commercial and industrial applications.

Sensata Solutions | SIL

Learn more about Sensata's functional safety encoders, rated up to SIL3/ PLe Cat 4.