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Enpirion® Power Solutions

Enpirion power solutions are high-efficiency, robust, easy-to-use power management solutions that meet your most stringent power requirements—all in a small footprint.

Enpirion power products deliver an optimal system solution that has:

  • Higher system efficiency with lower power consumption and less heat
  • High integration in a small footprint for maximum power density and a faster, lower risk design cycle
  • Lowest component count and highest reliability


EP Family | EN Family | EC2630QI | EVB-EP Family | EVB-EN | EVB-EC2630QI

Enpirion power system-on-chip (PowerSoC) products combine advanced technologies—such as high-frequency silicon design, magnetics, and packaging—into a turnkey product. Unlike discrete power products, PowerSoCs give designers complete power systems that are fully simulated, characterized, and production qualified.

Achieve unprecedented power density with Altera’s easy to use Enpirion PowerSoC DC-DC Step-Down Converters.

  • Highly integrated with tiny solution size
  • Simple, easy design and layout
  • Excellent efficiency
  • Low noise
  • Fast transient response

DDR Memory Termination (VTT)

EV Family | EVB-EV

The trend of applications requiring increased amounts of memory results in the need for smaller and more efficient power supplies to power that memory. Increased amounts of memory can physically take up more space and also require larger power supplies. This creates a difficult design challenge: power supplies need to deliver more power within a smaller amount of area.

The Enpirion EV13xx family of VTT power solutions for DDR memory helps to solve those challenges. The EV13xx products are highly integrated power solutions designed to meet the requirements for powering the VTT rail for DDR memory. These products offer the best combination of small size and excellent conversion efficiency while meeting the tracking accuracy and AC + DC regulation requirements.

EV13xx Product features:

  • Best combination of small solution size and conversion efficiency
  • Sink and source current
  • Meets the tracking and regulation requirements of DDR memory: DDR/DDR2/DDR3/LPDDR3/DDR4/LPDDR4

Protection and Management

ES1020QI | ES1021QI | ES1022SI | ES1030QI | ES1010SI

Enpirion power sequencers are suitable for high performance systems that require start up and shutdown power sequencing for proper functionality. The ES1010SI is a full featured hot-swap controller targeting 12V applications to ensure controlled system power-up.

PWM DC-DC Controllers

EC7401QI | ED8101 | ED8106 | EC7100VQI

Enpirion single-phase and multi-phase controller solutions offer maximum design flexibility while enabling you to meet the challenging high power, high performance requirements for advanced applications including FPGA core voltage power.

DC-DC Switching Regulators

ER3105DI | ER3110DI | ER2120QI | ER3125QI

Enpirion step-down voltage regulator family is ideal for applications requiring a wide input voltage range or low load current. With integrated switching MOSFETs, Enpirion switching regulators achieve a very small footprint while providing a much more efficient solution than a linear regulator.

Linear Regulators

EY1501DI-ADJ | EY1601SA-ADJ | EY1602SI-ADJ | EY1603TI-ADJ

Enpirion low-dropout linear regulators support a wide input voltage and offer very low quiescent current, making them ideal for applications requiring low-power standby modes. The EY1000 family of linear regulators delivers fast transient response performance and comes with the full suite of protection features.