Real-World Demonstrations of the DE10-Nano Kit

The Terasic DE10-Nano kit is the ideal development platform for new users and experienced FPGA designers to experience what an FPGA can do. This page provides links to a wealth of resources, from step-by-step tutorials to reference designs, code samples, and source code for complete applications featured in the tabs below.

DE10-Nano from Terasic

DE10-Nano Overview

The Terasic DE10-Nano Development Kit, featuring a Cyclone® V SoC FPGA, provides a reconfigurable hardware design platform for makers, educators, and IoT system developers. The kit contains a board that features two general purpose input/output (GPIO) expansion headers and an Arduino* (Uno R3) header so you can connect to a wide range of daughter cards. All the tools, software, and examples you need to begin your design is either in the box or free for download. Visit the Intel Developer Zone to get started.

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Demonstrating the True System Capabilities of the DE10-Nano Kit

  • IoT Security
  • Hardware Acceleration

How do we ensure systems designed today are ready for tomorrow's threats?

Challenges of a Connected World

Devices are becoming more connected

Connected devices are a vector for attack

New attacks must be mitigated in software

Software patches create unknown CPU burden


FPGAs adapt to changing threats

Security protocols can be implemented in FPGA

Security protocols can be changed at any time

FPGAs can be securely upgraded in the field

FPGA security accelerators don’t burden the CPU


Adding Security to the Internet of Things

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Developer Zone

FPGAs boost system performance by accelerating time-critical functions and off-loading CPUs.

The Mandelbrot Set

This design uses an Intel® SoC FPGA to demonstrate a complex mathematical function that creates a fractal image, known as the "Mandelbrot Set". It is a great example of how an FPGA can accelerate functions and off-load overburdened CPUs.

See how FPGAs boost system performance
(software vs. hardware)