9719 XYZ-Axis Adhesive Transfer Tape

3M™'s electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape is designed for LSE substrates and high temperature applications

Image of 3M 9719 XYZ-Axis Adhesive Transfer Tape3M XYZ-axis electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape 9719 is a silicone adhesive isotropically conductive pressure sensitive tape. Tape 9719 conducts electricity isotropically (X, Y, Z) and is suitable for low surface energy EMI/RFI shield and EMI/RFI gasket attachment to metal surfaces. The double-sided tape 9719 provides adhesion to low surface energy substrates and performs at elevated temperatures for short periods (up to 400°F [204°C]). Tape 9719 utilizes conductive fibers to provide good electrical performance with improved handling characteristics.

Tape 9719 may be used with many types of foil laminate shields, to provide a customized shielding solution. This tape may also be used to attach conductive fabric/foam core EMI gaskets to electronic cabinetry. Tape 9719 may be applied in strips or die cut to specific shapes and sizes. Compared to screws or other mechanical connectors, tape 9719 provides reduced assembly time and excellent grounding between substrates for reduced EMI emissions.

3M XYZ-axis electrically conductive adhesive transfer tape 9719 provides good adhesion to low surface energy and/or other metal surfaces and provides low electrical resistance that is stable over time. The pressure sensitive nature and fiber reinforcement of tape 9719 makes this product convenient to use. It is easy to release from the liners and provides good handling properties.

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9719 XYZ-Axis Adhesive Transfer Tape

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionWidthAvailable QuantityView Details
1/2-5-9719 datasheet linkTAPE ADHSV TRNSFR 1/2"X 5YDS1/2-5-9719TAPE ADHSV TRNSFR 1/2"X 5YDS0.50" (12.70mm) 1/2"26 - Immediate
1/2-5-9719 product page link
1-5-9719 datasheet linkTAPE ADHSV TRNSFR 1"X 5YDS1-5-9719TAPE ADHSV TRNSFR 1"X 5YDS1.00" (25.40mm)16 - Immediate
1-5-9719 product page link
Published: 2017-03-27