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Diodes Low Dropout Regulators | Digi-Key Daily

LDOs from Diodes provide great simplicity for the system design, as they are widely used in broad applications due to no switching noise and small size.

EV1320 High Efficiency DDR Termination Power Converter Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Intel's EV1320 power converter is designed to replace low-efficiency linear regulators as well as expensive switch-mode DC-DC memory terminations.

Duration: 5 minutes
Modular Jacks with Magnetics Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Kycon's modular jacks with integrated magnetics help designers with space and cost savings while improving electrical performance.

LRL-27 Linear Position Sensor Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Alliance Sensors LRL-27 linear position sensors are designed for use in factory automation systems and a wide variety of industrial and commercial applications.

Adhesion Promoter 111 Publish Date: 2019-06-17

3M™ Adhesion Promoter 111 is a fast-acting, isopropyl alcohol-based solution designed to promote better and faster adhesion of 3M VHB™ tapes.

Digi-Key Receives Yageo and Pulse 2019 Demand Creation Distributor of the Year Award Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Digi-Key received the Yageo and Pulse 2019 Demand Creation Distributor of the Year Award at the EDS banquet.

S2A Signal Conditioner Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Alliance Sensors Group’s DIN rail-mounting LVDT signal conditioner with comprehensive diagnostics is designed specifically for the power generation industry.

Sunon Honors Digi-Key with 2018 Distributor of the Year Award Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, was honored with the Sunon Distributor of the Year Award at the 2019 EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nev.

ACPL-302J Gate Driver Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Broadcom's ACPL-302J 2.5 A gate drive optocoupler driving IGBTs and power MOSFETs are used in motor control and inverter applications.

Marine Grade Silicone Sealant Publish Date: 2019-06-17

3M™ marine grade silicone sealant is a mildew-resistant, non-sagging, moisture-curing silicone rubber sealant for above the waterline applications.

TS880 Series Comparator Publish Date: 2019-06-17

STMicroelectronics’ TS880 series comparator can be used over a wide temperature range, keeping the current consumption at an ultra-low level.

Updated ACNT Optocouplers Updated: 2019-06-17

Broadcom's ACNT optocouplers are able to achieve 2,262 VPEAK insulation working voltage in a stretched compact SO-8 package.

Multimec™ 10C Caps Publish Date: 2019-06-17

MEC Switches' Multimec™ 10C caps have a diameter of 19.2 mm and a slightly concave surface for good ergonomic feel.

TX Series Toroids Publish Date: 2019-06-17

FERROXCUBE's TX series epoxy coated toroids are available in a wide range of sizes and materials for use in a broad range of applications.

GAPuino GAP8 Development Kit Publish Date: 2019-06-17

Seeed Technology's GAPuino GAP8 development kit is a low-power processor enabling battery-operated artificial intelligence.

Duration: 10 minutes
WEbinar Powered by Digi-Key: Crystals and Oscillators

Learn all about IQD crystals and frequency products with speaker Neil Floodgate in this one-hour training. Digi-Key Electronics is the exclusive sponsor of the Wurth Electronics technical WEbinar Series.

Sparkfun Apollo3 Blue Dev Board | Digi-Key Daily

The Apollo3 Blue offers advanced features including six configurable I2C and SPI masters, two UARTs, one I2C and SPI slave, a 15-channel 14-bit ADC, and a dedicated Bluetooth processor that supports BLE5.

WE-RJ45 LAN Series RJ45 Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Wurth Electronics’ WE-RJ45 series RJ45 connectors with THT pins for wave and reflow soldering are compatible with most ICs for Ethernet applications.

TVS Diode Array 2-Channel 30 kV ESD Protection - SP3400 Series Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Littelfuse's SP3400 integrates two channels of low capacitance steering diodes to protect electronic equipment.

Image of Microchip's SAM L10/11 Family of Arm® Cortex®-M23 MCUs Updated SAM L10/11 Family of Arm® Cortex®-M23 MCUs

Microchip's SAM L10 and SAM L11 Arm® Cortex®-M23 MCUs offer some of the lowest power consumption in the industry and have capacitive touch capability.

Publish Date: 2018-06-26 Updated: 2019-06-14
Ethernet 100 W 1GBase-T Ganged 4-Port MagJack® ICM Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Bel Magnetic Solutions' 1GBase-T ganged MagJack® ICM is ideal for applications such as high-powered devices and high power sourcing applications.

SP4T RF Switch with MIPI 2.0 Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Infineon’s SP4T RF switch with MIPI 2.0 is a perfect solution for multimode handsets based on LTE and WCDMA.

100 W Power Supplies Publish Date: 2019-06-14

TDK-Lambda's CUS100ME 2" x 4” Class I and Class II series is certified for both medical and industrial use.

EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) USB-C™ Controller Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Cypress' EZ-PD BCR is a highly-integrated USB Type-C™ port controller targeting devices that have legacy barrel connectors or USB micro-B connectors.

MPM3570E Ultra-Low EMI, 75 V Input, 0.3 A Step-Down Power Module Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Monolithic Power Systems' MPM3570E step-down power module is ideal for applications such as industrial supplies and automotive systems.

PI3A6386 USB Type-C™ Ultra-Low THD Analog Audio Switch Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Diodes’ PI3A6386 switch includes a dual, single-pole-double-throw (SPDT) switch for high-speed USB signal and high-quality audio signal.

12G-SDI Compatible BNC0 Series Coaxial Connector Publish Date: 2019-06-14

JAE’s 12G-SDI coaxial connector has a common PCB footprint that is recommended for both straight and angle connectors.

ZumLink™ 900 Series Z9-T/-C Industrial Radio Modules Publish Date: 2019-06-14

FreeWave Technologies' ZumLink™ Z9-T/-C industrial-grade radio modules offer wireless data transfer, command, and control capabilities at a CSWaP advantage.

MF-GSMF Series Multifuse® Polymer PTC Resettable Fuses Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Bourns’ MF-GSMF series polymer PTC resettable fuses have a higher voltage (36 VDC) and hold current (3.0 A) ratings with initial resistance as low as 0.01 ohm.

IP68-Rated DC Fans Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Orion Fans’ waterproof harsh environment EC and DC fans protect against dust, moisture, salt fog, salt spray, temperature changes, and humidity.

ATEX-Certified Fans Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Orion Fans’ ATEX-certified fans are designed for harsh AC applications involving explosive atmospheres or flammable gases.

ZumLink™ 900 Series Z9-P/-PE Industrial IoT Gateways Publish Date: 2019-06-14

FreeWave Technologies' ZumLink™ Z9-P/-PE IIoT gateways offer secure data collection, transport, and control in rugged industrial environments.

MM2 Series 900 MHz RF Module Publish Date: 2019-06-14

FreeWave Technologies' MM2 series 900 MHz RF modules offer wireless data transfer, command, and control capabilities at a CSWaP advantage in a compact package.

Transformers and Flat Wire Toroids for Texas Instruments Solar Inverter Designs Publish Date: 2019-06-14

Wurth Electronics, in partnership with Texas Instruments, developed a 10 kW 3-level, 3-phase grid tie inverter reference design for solar string inverters.

End of an Era [Maker Update #128] -

This week on Maker Update, a robot with a staring problem, the end of Maker Media, holding rainbows, a robot dating simulator, DaVinci machines, a Pi movie tracker, and surface mount soldering with sand.

Littelfuse TPSMB Series TVS Diodes | Digi-Key Daily

TPSMB series transient voltage suppression (TVS) diode from Littelfuse provides secondary protection of sensitive automotive and other electronics from transients induced by load dump and other transient voltage events.

GaN Automotive Applications Publish Date: 2019-06-13

EPC's GaN automotive enhancement mode power transistors take full advantage of the improved efficiency, speed, smaller size, and lower cost of eGaN® devices.

Broadcom 15 mm Wide ACNT Optocouplers for High Voltage Applications Publish Date: 2019-06-13

The Broadcom ACNT optocouplers family offers 15 mm creepage and 14.2 mm clearance for high voltage isolation applications.

VIM2 Versatile Amlogic S912 SBC with SPI Flash and WOL Support Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Khadas' VIM2 SBC is a powerful credit-card sized single board computer that comes with a variety of case options.

Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™)-Ready Speakers Publish Date: 2019-06-13

PUI Audio's ASE02506MS-LW90-DSM-R Dynamic Speaker Management (DSM™)-ready speaker increases loudness (SPL) and bass response safety.

VIM1 Amlogic S905X Open Source TV Box Publish Date: 2019-06-13

The VIM1 is the original Amlogic S905X Arm® development board designed by Khadas for hobbyists, makers, and electronic fans.

Industrial Solutions

In many ways, machine-to-machine communications was born on the factory floor.

Transportation Solutions

Since you can’t trail miles of Ethernet cable behind every train and truck, wireless connectivity is essential for operating transportation fleets.

CPI2-B1 Gang Programmer Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Phyton’s CPI2-B1 gang programmer can be used for programming microcontrollers, Flash memory, and programmable logic devices.

Energy Solutions

Digi IoT connectivity is ideal for energy operations that are widespread, complex, and often hazardous—the essence of mission-critical.

Retail Solutions

The always-on buzz of retail systems means that any technical glitch can cause lost revenue, lost inventory, and maybe lost customers.

Complete Sensing Solutions Made Easy

Molex works closely with Digi-Key to provide you with a complete sensing solution from one convenient location.

Infrared Human Sensor Reference Design Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Renesas’ RL78 reference design indicates human absence/presence using an infrared sensor to turn an LED on and off automatically.

Low Smoke, Zero Halogen XLPE Cable Assemblies and Wire Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Tensility low smoke, zero halogen (LSZH) XLPE cable assemblies and wires are chemically resistant products rated to 105°C.

How to Use Parallel EEPROM for Storing Data

Using the Arduino Platform and basic coding, we can show how it possible to store data on a EEPROM memory chip with the parallel bus interface.

AQY217GS Series GU SOP 1 Form A High-Capacity PhotoMOS® Relays Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Panasonic's AQY217GS series PhotoMOS® relays are ideal for applications such as measurement instruments, industrial equipment, and security equipment.

MCP331 Analog-to-Digital Converters Publish Date: 2019-06-13

Microchip’s MCP331 analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) feature full differential input, high-performance, and low power consumption in a small package.

Terasic Tech Innovate FPGA Thumbnail Innovate FPGA Contest

DE10-Nano Kit contains just what you need to show off your creativity & innovativeness with real world designs and compete in the Innovate FPGA global contest.

Publish Date: 2019-06-13
Cornell Dubilier MC and MCN RF Capacitors | Digi-Key Daily

Rugged flexibility and compatibility with FR4 boards make these mica chip capacitors ideally suited for use where other multilayer capacitors aren’t recommended because of cracking—these capacitors exceed a 2 millimeter bend test.

KDS Click Cable Entry System Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Conta-Clip’s KDS click cable entry system makes complex cable management simple with its flexible modular approach to cable entries.

The Growing Ecosystem for eGaN® FET Power Conversion

EPC's application note on eGaN® FET power conversion.

Digi-Key Receives the Panduit 2018 Highest Sales Growth and 5 Years Consecutive Growth Awards Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, was honored with the Panduit 2018 Highest Sales Growth & 5 Years Consecutive Growth awards at the 2019 EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nev.

USB Type-C™ Dev Kit Featured Components

Würth Elektronik's featured components for their USB Type-C™ development kit.

0.25 mm FPC Easy-On Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Molex's 0.25 mm FPC easy-on connectors come in a range of sizes and styles to accommodate other PCB components and add space savings.

Sentrius™ IG60 Wireless IoT Gateway Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Laird Connectivity’s Sentrius™ IG60 wireless IoT gateway connects Bluetooth® sensors and legacy serial equipment to the Cloud.

SprintIR®-W CO2 Sensor Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Gas Sensing Solutions' SprintIR-W is a high-speed CO2 sensor that measures 0 to 20% CO2 concentration and comes with an optional flow-through adapter.

How to Select the Right RTOS and Microcontroller Platform for the IoT Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Developers can get started with real-time operating systems (RTOSs) for the IoT using readily available microcontroller platforms.

ADN4654/5 Dual-Channel Low-Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS) Gigabit Isolators Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Analog Devices' ADN4654 and ADN4655 signal-isolated, low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) buffers operate at up to 1.1 Gbps with low jitter.

ExplorIR®-W CO2 Sensor Publish Date: 2019-06-12

GSS' ExplorIR-W is a robust, low power CO2 sensor with analog (voltage) output and is built to reliably measure CO2 levels in harsh environments.

LT®8316 600 Vin Micropower No-Opto Isolated Flyback Controller Publish Date: 2019-06-12

Linear Technology's LT®8316 is a micropower, high-voltage flyback controller that requires no opto-isolator for regulation.

Cable protection for railway applications - FIPSYSTEMS® - FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes

The high-quality FIPSYSTEMS® protection products meet the stringent requirements of railway technology: they are mechanically strong, durably weather-resistant and have optimum fire protection properties.

FRÄNKISCHE Industrial Pipes - One fits all - FIPLOCK® ONE

While different IP protection classes used to require different connections for corrugated conduits, FIPLOCK ONE now combines all protection class requirements for industrial applications, even under demanding environmental conditions.

Sensirion Liquid Flow Sensors: Quick Start Guide

This video gives an insight on what components are included in the liquid flow evaluation kit and shows how to get started within a few minutes.

Sensirion Liquid Flow Sensors: Performance & Repeatability

This video shows how you can check the SLF3x sensor’s accuracy in a quick and easy way. A setup with a syringe, the SLF3x sensor, a glass, a balance and the Sensirion Viewer Software is used to demonstrate this.

Use a Smart Sensor’s Built-In Machine Learning Core to Optimize “Always-On” Motion Tracking Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Use a smart sensor with an integrated machine learning core to detect complex movement sequences for low-power, always-on motion tracking.

T8F81C-DK Trion™ BGA81 Development Kit Publish Date: 2019-06-11

The Trion™ T8 BGA81 development kit from Efinix is based on the T8 FPGA so that customers can explore the features of this first member of the Trion platform.

0.30 mm FPC Easy-On Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Molex 0.30 mm pitch narrow-depth FPC connectors provide an optimal blend of space savings, contact retention, and ease-of-use for tight-packaging applications.

Waterproof USB Type-C™ Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Waterproof USB Type-C™ interconnects support USB 3.1 and feature different internal sealing methods to achieve a reliable IPX7 or higher ingress protection rating.

Duration: 5 minutes
1.0 mm FPC Easy-On Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Molex’s 1mm connectors offer the best combination of signal reliability, compactness, wide circuit-size range, height, and cable style choices in the market.

ADuCM355 Precision Analog Microcontroller (MCU) Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Analog Devices' ADuCM355 precision analog MCUs are ideal for applications such as air, water, and soil environmental sensing.

ADuM4122 Adjustable Slew Rate, Single Isolated Gate Driver Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Analog Devices' ADuM4122 isolated, single gate drivers are ideal for applications such as industrial inverters and switching power supplies.

Protektive Pak Impregnated Corrugated Material Publish Date: 2019-06-11

This presentation will take a look at what a buried shielding layer is, why it is important, and what makes Protektive Pak the best choice for ESD Control Packaging.

Duration: 5 minutes
TDK Honors Digi-Key with European Distribution Award in Gold for High-Service Distributors Publish Date: 2019-06-11

TDK has recognized Digi-Key Electronics Europe with their European Distribution Award 2018 in Gold in the high-service distribution category during the annual TDK European Award Dinner.

T8F81C2 Trion™ FPGA Publish Date: 2019-06-11

The Efinix Trion™ T8 FPGA features Quantum™ fabric wrapped with an I/O interface and has less than 150 µA typical core leakage current at 1.1 V.

Handy Vacuum Cleaner Reference Design

This document describes a Renesas microcontroller RL78/G1F application for the handy vacuum cleaner.

ExplorIR®-M CO2 Sensor Publish Date: 2019-06-11

GSS' ExplorIR®-M robust, low power, CO2 sensor allows for easy integration into gas monitoring and detection systems.

0.50 mm FPC Easy-On Connectors Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Molex 0.50 mm pitch narrow-depth FPC connectors provide an optimal blend of space savings, contact retention, and ease-of-use for tight-packaging applications.

AP43770 High-Performance Protocol Decoder Supporting USB Type-C™ Power Delivery Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Diodes’ AP43770 is a USB Type-C™ power delivery PD3.0 PPS decoder dedicated to power source applications with legacy capability.

Announcement that Cypress Will Join Infineon Technologies AG

We announced that Cypress will join with Infineon Technologies AG, uniting two premier semiconductor companies to create a strong technology leader that will deliver best-in-class power, MCU, specialty memory and secure connectivity solutions across numerous growth segments.

DIN Rail Terminal Blocks Publish Date: 2019-06-11

This presentation will introduce the different types of terminal blocks, features, and accessories for the terminal blocks.

Duration: 10 minutes
Maker Media Closes Their Doors, Is it the End of an Era

Is it the end of an era or the start to new beginnings?

0.35 mm SlimStack BTB Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Molex's 0.35 mm pitch, 0.60 mm height board-to-board connectors offer maximum space savings for tight-packaging applications.

0.50 mm SlimStack BTB Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Molex's SlimStack 0.50 mm pitch high-speed board-to-board connectors offer a variety of circuit sizes and stack heights for space-saving and design flexibility.

Panasonic Honors Digi-Key with 2018 e-Commerce Distributor of the Year Award Publish Date: 2019-06-11

Digi-Key Electronics, a global electronic components distributor, was honored with the Panasonic 2018 e-Commerce Distributor of the Year award at the 2019 EDS Leadership Summit in Las Vegas, Nev.

T4F81C2 Trion™ FPGA Publish Date: 2019-06-11

The T4 FPGA features the high-density, low-power Efinix Quantum™ fabric wrapped with an I/O interface in a small footprint package for easy integration.

How to Control NeoPixels with a Particle Photon

With a Particle Photon you can easily control a NeoPixel String with only three wires.

Infrared Human Sensor Reference Design

This document describes a Renesas microcontroller RL78/G10 application for an infrared human sensor.

ReVibe Energy Harvester and KLD2 Radar Transceiver - New Product Discoveries Episode 201

Matt has a couple new and exciting products from ReVibe Energy and RF Beam Microwave this time on New Product Discoveries.

Bourns GMOV™ Protection Components | Digi-Key Daily

The Bourns GMOV hybrid overvoltage protection component combines a metal oxide varistor (MOV) and a gas discharge tube (GDT) with patented space-saving FLAT® technology.

Wire and Cable for Medical Devices

Alpha Wire’s cable, wire, tubing and additional accessories feature the high reliability and performance needed in the medical industry for a variety of devices.

Long Wavelength Enhanced Silicon Avalanche Photodiodes

Excelitas’ C30954EH, C30955EH, and C30956EH are general purpose silicon avalanche photodiodes made using a double-diffused "reach through" structure.

Zirconia Oxygen Sensor Kits Publish Date: 2019-06-10

SST Sensing zirconia oxygen sensors' sensing technology and stainless steel construction make them ideal for use in harsh environments.

GD25WD SPI NOR Flash Memory Publish Date: 2019-06-10

GigaDevice's GD25WD SPI NOR Flash memory offers ultra-low power and zero deep power-down current.

BK1100FHU Rechargeable Battery Publish Date: 2019-06-10

Panasonic's BK1100FHU high temperature, long life type nickel-metal hydride cell features space and weight savings versus valve-regulated lead-acid products.

SiC Diodes Publish Date: 2019-06-10

Silicon Carbide (SiC) devices have the potential to revolutionize today’s power electronics; featuring fast switching times, high blocking voltage capabilities & the ability to operate at high temperatures.

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