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Thin-Film Battery

Molex, LLC 0132990001

Supplier: Molex, LLC

Subtitle: Thin-Film Battery
Description: Molex’s Thin-Film Battery is a low-profile, flexible, disposable battery with a small footprint designed for low-power single-use applications.

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsBattery ProductsBatteriesBatteries Non-Rechargeable (Primary)Zinc Batteries

68532 Series

Molex, LLC 0685324510

Supplier: Molex, LLC

Subtitle: USB Smart Charge Modules
Description: Single and Dual Port USB Smart Charger Module.

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsBattery ProductsBattery Chargers

Micro-Fit 3.0 Series

Molex, LLC 0795405015

Supplier: Molex, LLC

Subtitle: In-Vehicle Single USB Battery Charger with Backlight, 1.5A
Description: Off-the-shelf USB battery chargers deliver 5V and 1.5A for multiple in-vehicle locations and save in tooling and engineering costs. These media modules enable the integration of multiple I/O port connection types, such as USB, HDMI, Ethernet, SD memory cards, auxiliary jack inputs, and more, to m...

Category: Test, Tools, Other ProductsBattery ProductsBattery Chargers