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Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems 001-0022

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: Embedded Antennas

Category: RF, WirelessRF Antennas

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems - External

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems 001-0001

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: External Mount Antennas

Category: RF, WirelessRF Antennas

BL620 USB Dongle

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems BL620-US

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: Packaged BL620 USB Dongle
Description: The BL620-US USB Dongle has been developed to take advantage of the BL620 module, providing the ability to add BLE Central Mode capabilities to Windows operating systems supporting a USB interface and virtual COM port. The control and configuration is via a standard virtual COM port and smartBASI...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units

BL654 USB Dongle Module

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems 451-00003

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: 451-00003 BL654 USB Dongle ModuleAdapter - Integrated Antenna
Description: The Laird BL654 USB dongle is a packaged USB Adapter version of the integrated antenna BL654 module. It uses an FTDI virtual COM port implementation to enable full Bluetooth 5 operation into the widest range of Operating System backed devices with a USB interface. The BL654 series of BLE modules ...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units


Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems BRBLU03-010A0

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: High Speed Bluetooth® USB Adapter
Description: The Professional, High-Speed Bluetooth® USB Adapter is the first Bluetooth USB adapter designed specifically to deliver the high data rates of modern technology.

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units


Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems BT820

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: Packaged Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Mode USB Dongle
Description: The BT820 is a packaged USB Dongle version of the BT800 module that allows OEMs to plug the device into any Windows or Linux device that supports USB connectors and has an inbuilt Bluetooth software stack in its operating system. Leveraging the market-leading CSR 8510 chipset, the BT820 provides ...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units


Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems BT851

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: BT V4.2 Dual Mode USB Adapter
Description: The BT851 Pluggable USB Adapter with inbuilt Bluetooth stack simply plugs into any Windows, Android or Linux device via external USB connection.

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units

BT900-US Series

Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems BT900-US

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: Bluetooth v4.0 Dual Dongle
Description: Laird’s BT900-US product expands upon the BT900 series of modules for embedded devices to leverage Classic BT and Bluetooth Low Energy support to PCs, laptops, and mobile computers. The BT900-US provides a simple approach for adding into virtually ANY operating system with a USB port. Let Laird’s...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units


Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems SDC-EC25N

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: 802.11n ExpressCard with Integrated Antenna
Description: The EC25N ExpressCard radio card combines a high-performance, dual-band 802.11n radio with software, both designed for business-critical mobile devices that operate in harsh environments. No other Wi-Fi® radio card can match the range, robust security, seamless mobility, and manageability of the ...

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units


Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems 450-0101

Supplier: Laird - Wireless & Thermal Systems

Subtitle: Mini Gateway Ethernet for ModFLEX Wireless Networks
Description: The Mini Gateway Ethernet (MGE) is a device that allows you to access your wireless network through an Ethernet interface, and supports the use of a ModFLEX module. The wireless module in the MGE can be commanded and controlled through a IP connection using the module’s host protocol.

Category: RF, WirelessRF Finished Units