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Littelfuse Inc.
KS, KT, PS, PT and SC Series
Littelfuse Inc.
KW, KX, PW and PX Series
Littelfuse Inc.
LC Series
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KW, KX, PW and PX Series

Precision Interchangeable Thermistors

Littelfuse Inc.

The precision interchangeable thermistors are low cost, highly accurate, stable devices designed specifically for temperature sensing and control applications. They are particularly suited for uses where their precision interchangeability eliminates the necessity for costly individual circuit calibration.

  • B0/50:3263K ~ 3892K
  • Length - Lead Wire:1.50" (38.00mm)
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging
  • Package / Case:Bead, Epoxy
  • Power - Max:30mW
  • Resistance in Ohms @ 25°C:1k ~ 50k

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PX102E3PX102E3THERMISTOR NTC 1KOHM 3263K BEAD 1k±1°C-3263KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KW302J2KW302J2THERMISTOR NTC 3KOHM 3892K BEAD 3k±0.5°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
PW302J2PW302J2THERMISTOR NTC 3KOHM 3892K BEAD 3k±0.5°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KX502J2KX502J2THERMISTOR NTC 5KOHM 3892K BEAD 5k±1°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KX103J2KX103J2THERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K BEAD10k±1°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KW103G2KW103G2THERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3575K BEAD10k±0.5°C-3575KBead, EpoxyRoHS
PX103J2PX103J2THERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K BEAD10k±1°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KX103G2KX103G2THERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3575K BEAD10k±1°C-3575KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KW103J2KW103J2THERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K BEAD10k±0.5°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KW203J2KW203J2THERMISTOR NTC 20KOHM 3892K BEAD20k±0.5°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
PX203J2PX203J2THERMISTOR NTC 20KOHM 3892K BEAD20k±1°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KX303J2KX303J2THERMISTOR NTC 30KOHM 3892K BEAD30k±1°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
PW503J2PW503J2THERMISTOR NTC 50KOHM 3892K BEAD50k±0.5°C-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS

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