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Littelfuse Inc.
GT Series
Littelfuse Inc.
KC and TC Series
Littelfuse Inc.
KS, KT, PS, PT and SC Series
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KC and TC Series

Miniature Epoxy Coated Thermistors

Littelfuse Inc.

These miniature leaded epoxy coated thermistors are manufactured using the same state of the art manufacturing techniques as those used to produce precision interchangeable devices. This results in devices with superior long-term reliability characteristics especially suitable for temperature measurement, temperature control and temperature compensation applications.

  • B0/50:3892K
  • Length - Lead Wire:1.50" (38.00mm)
  • Mounting Type:Free Hanging
  • Package / Case:Bead, Epoxy
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Resistance in Ohms @ 25°C:3k ~ 30k

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TC302J2KTC302J2KTHERMISTOR NTC 3KOHM 3892K BEAD 3k±10%-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KC502J2KKC502J2KTHERMISTOR NTC 5KOHM 3892K BEAD 5k±10%-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KC103J2KKC103J2KTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K BEAD10k±10%-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KC103J2FKC103J2FTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K RAD 10k±1%-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS
KC303J2KKC303J2KTHERMISTOR NTC 30KOHM 3892K BEAD30k±10%-3892KBead, EpoxyRoHS

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