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Luminus Devices Inc.
SST-10-UV Series
Marktech Optoelectronics
Infrared LED Emitters
Marktech Optoelectronics

Infrared LED Emitters

Surface Mount Infrared LED Emitters

Marktech Optoelectronics

Marktech has recently expanded infrared capabilities to well beyond the 870 and 940 wavelengths, which have been the most popular ranges for designs. Recent additions to the product line include 1300nm, 1550nm and 1720nm wavelengths.

  • Current - DC Forward (If) (Max):30mA ~ 500mA
  • Mounting Type:Surface Mount
  • Orientation:Top View
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Type:Infrared (IR)
  • Viewing Angle:30° ~ 90°
  • Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Typ):0.7V ~ 1.7V
  • Wavelength:740nm ~ 1650nm

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MTSM5015-199-IRMTSM5015-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1550NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1550nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM0077-843-IRMTSM0077-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 770NM 1206 SMD DOMEInfrared (IR)30mA-770nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM0074-843-IRMTSM0074-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 740NM 1206 SMD DOMEInfrared (IR)150mA-740nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM5010-843-IRMTSM5010-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1050NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1050nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM5014-843-IRMTSM5014-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1450NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1450nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM5010-199-IRMTSM5010-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1050NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1050nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTE5010-995-IRMTE5010-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1050NM PLCC2 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1050nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS
MTSM5015-843-IRMTSM5015-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1550NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1550nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTE5015-995-IRMTE5015-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1550NM PLCC2 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1550nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS
MTSM2010-496-IRMTSM2010-496-IRSWIR EMITTER 1020NM CERAMIC SMD Infrared (IR)500mA-1020nm2-SMD, No LeadRoHS
MTSM5014-199-IRMTSM5014-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1450NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1450nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM5016-199-IRMTSM5016-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1650NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1650nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM0012-199-IRMTSM0012-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1200NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1200nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM5016-843-IRMTSM5016-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1650NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1650nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM0013-843-IRMTSM0013-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1300NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1300nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTE0013-995-IRMTE0013-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1300NM SMD Infrared (IR)100mA-1300nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS
MTSM0012-843-IRMTSM0012-843-IRSWIR EMITTER 1200NM 1206 SMD DOMInfrared (IR)50mA-1200nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTSM0013-199-IRMTSM0013-199-IRSWIR EMITTER 1300NM 1206 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1300nm1206 (3216 Metric)RoHS
MTE0012-995-IRMTE0012-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1200NM PLCC2 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1200nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS
MTE5014-995-IRMTE5014-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1450NM PLCC2 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1450nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS
MTE5016-995-IRMTE5016-995-IRSWIR EMITTER 1650NM PLCC2 SMD Infrared (IR)50mA-1650nm2-SMD, J-LeadRoHS

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