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Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation
Heat Sinks
Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation
Hi-Contact™ Series
Advanced Thermal Solutions Inc.
ATS-CP Series
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Hi-Contact™ Series

Hi-Contact™ Liquid Cold Plate

Aavid, Thermal Division of Boyd Corporation

Aavid Hi‐Contact™ tube liquid cold plates feature a high performance assembly utilizing a continuous tube press fit into an extruded aluminum plate. The patented geometry used in the Aavid Hi‐Contact™ process moves the fluid closer to the device generating heat, achieving the best thermal performance from a tube cold plate.

  • Tube Material: Stainless Steel, Cupronickel
  • Cost Effective
  • High Performance Leak Free Joints
  • Hi‐Contact™ for Better Heat Transfer
  • Product Type:Passive, Cold Plate

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    416101U00000G416101U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.016C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS
    416501U00000G416501U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.02C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS
    416201U00000G416201U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.01C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS
    416601U00000G416601U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.0055C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS
    416301U00000G416301U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.006C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS
    416401U00000G416401U00000GCOLD PLATE HEAT SINK 0.06C/W Passive, Cold Plate---RoHS

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