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Littelfuse Inc.
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Littelfuse Inc.
DO-35 Series
Littelfuse Inc.
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DO-35 Series

DO-35 Standard Series Glass Encapsulated Thermistors

Littelfuse Inc.

The glass encapsulated thermistors are manufactured using super stable chips which are hermetically sealed in a glass (DO-35 diode style) package. The result is a device which exhibits excellent long-term reliability and stability even when subjected to severe environmental or thermal conditions. Their uniform dimensions and axial lead configuration make them especially suitable for use with automatic insertion equipment.

  • High temperature capability to 300°C
  • High stability
  • Hermetically sealed glass package
  • High voltage insulation
  • Tinned CCS lead wires are solderable or weldable
  • B0/50:2941K ~ 4640K
  • Length - Lead Wire:1.00" (25.40mm)
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Package / Case:DO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
  • Resistance in Ohms @ 25°C:500 ~ 5M

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501BG1J501BG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 500OHM 2941K DO35500±5%-2941KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
501BG1K501BG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 500OHM 2941K DO35500±10%-2941KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
102BG1J102BG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 1KOHM 2941K DO35 1k±5%-2941KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
102EG1K102EG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 1KOHM 3263K DO35 1k±10%-3263KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
182FG1K182FG1KTHERM NTC 1.8KOHM 3419K DO35 1.8k±10%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
202FG1J202FG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 2KOHM 3419K DO35 2k±5%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
202FG1K202FG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 2KOHM 3419K DO35 2k±10%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
252FG1J252FG1JTHERM NTC 2.5KOHM 3419K DO35 2.5k±5%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
252BG1K252BG1KTHERM NTC 2.5KOHM 2941K DO35 2.5k±10%-2941KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
402FG4K402FG4KTHERMISTOR NTC 4KOHM 3453K DO35 4k±10%-3453KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
502JG1K502JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 5KOHM 3892K DO35 5k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
502FG1K502FG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 5KOHM 3419K DO35 5k±10%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
502E1G1K502E1G1KTHERMISTOR NTC 5KOHM 3320K DO35 5k±10%-3320KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
822JG1K822JG1KTHERM NTC 8.2KOHM 3892K DO35 8.2k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JG1F103JG1FTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±1%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JG1J103JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JM1A103JM1ATHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±1°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JG1G103JG1GTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±2%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JL1A103JL1ATHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±0.5°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JG1KE103JG1KETHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103FG1K103FG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3419K DO3510k±10%-3419KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104JG1H104JG1HTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±3%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
103JG1K103JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 10KOHM 3892K DO3510k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
153JG1K153JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 15KOHM 3892K DO3515k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
203JG1J203JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 20KOHM 3892K DO3520k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
203JG1K203JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 20KOHM 3892K DO3520k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
203JL1A203JL1ATHERMISTOR NTC 20KOHM 3892K DO3520k±0.5°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
253JG1K253JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 25KOHM 3892K DO3525k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
253JG1F253JG1FTHERMISTOR NTC 25KOHM 3892K DO3525k±1%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
253JL1A253JL1ATHERMISTOR NTC 25KOHM 3892K DO3525k±0.5°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
303JG1J303JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 30KOHM 3892K DO3530k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
303JG1F303JG1FTHERMISTOR NTC 30KOHM 3892K DO3530k±1%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
503JG1K503JG1KTHERMISTOR NTC 50KOHM 3892K DO3550k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
503JG1F503JG1FTHERMISTOR NTC 50KOHM 3892K DO3550k±1%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
503JG1J503JG1JTHERMISTOR NTC 50KOHM 3892K DO3550k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
503JL1A503JL1ATHERMISTOR NTC 50KOHM 3892K DO3550k±0.5°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
104JG1J104JG1JTHERM NTC 100KOHM 3892K DO35 100k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104RG1J104RG1JTHERM NTC 100KOHM 4140K DO35 100k±5%-4140KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104JG1F104JG1FTHERM NTC 100KOHM 3892K DO35 100k±1%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104JM1A104JM1ATHERM NTC 100KOHM 3892K DO35 100k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
104JM2B104JM2BTHERMISTOR NTC 77DEG AXIAL 100k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104JL1A104JL1ATHERM NTC 100KOHM 3892K DO35 100k±0.5°C-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
104JG1K104JG1KTHERM NTC 100KOHM 3892K DO35 100k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
154JG1K154JG1KTHERM NTC 150KOHM 3892K DO35 150k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
204JG1K204JG1KTHERM NTC 200KOHM 3892K DO35 200k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
254JG1J254JG1JTHERM NTC 250KOHM 3892K DO35 250k±5%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
304JG1K304JG1KTHERM NTC 300KOHM 3892K DO35 300k±10%-3892KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
504RG1J504RG1JTHERM NTC 500KOHM 4140K DO35 500k±5%-4140KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
504RG1K504RG1KTHERM NTC 500KOHM 4140K DO35 500k±10%-4140KDO-204AH, DO-35, AxialRoHS
105V3G1K105V3G1KTHERMISTOR NTC 1MOHM 4369K DO35 1M±10%-4369KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
205V4G1K205V4G1KTHERMISTOR NTC 2MOHM 4288K DO35 2M±10%-4288KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
375Y1G2K375Y1G2KTHERM NTC 3.7MOHM 4584K DO35 3.7M±10%-4584KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial
505YG7K505YG7KTHERMISTOR NTC 5MOHM 4640K DO35 5M±10%-4640KDO-204AH, DO-35, Axial

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