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ECS Inc.
Crystal Filters
ECS Inc.
ECS-75SMF Series
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Crystal Filters

Monolithic Crystal Filters

ECS Inc.

Through hole packages

Product Description

ECS’s Monolithic Crystal Filters have very high Q’s and excellent temperature and aging characteristics. These filters offer narrow and intermediate bandwidths. The monolithic crystal filter is smaller and more cost-effective than a discrete crystal filter. With the addition of coupling capacitors between two-pole sections, they can be cascaded to produce four, six and eight (or more) pole filter responses.

  • High stability for wide temperature ranges
  • Sharp cut-off
  • Bandwidth:7.5kHz ~ 30kHz
  • Frequency - Center:10.7MHz ~ 21.4MHz
  • Impedance:850 Ohms ~ 5.5 kOhms
  • Insertion Loss:1.5dB ~ 2.5dB
  • Mounting Type:Through Hole
  • Number of Poles:2 ~ 4
  • Operating Temperature:-20°C ~ 70°C
  • Packaging:Bulk
  • Ripple:0.5dB ~ 1dB

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ECS-21K-7.5BECS-21K-7.5BMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 4P 2PC 2.5DB Bulk21.4MHz850 Ohms2.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-21K-15AECS-21K-15AMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 2P 1.5DB TH Bulk21.4MHz1.5 kOhms1.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-30AECS-10.7-30AMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 2P 1.5DB TH Bulk10.7MHz5 kOhms1.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-7.5AECS-10.7-7.5AMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 2P 1.5DB TH Bulk10.7MHz1.8 kOhms1.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-15BECS-10.7-15BMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 4P 2PC 2.5DB Bulk10.7MHz3 kOhms2.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-30BECS-10.7-30BMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 4P 2PC 2.5DB Bulk10.7MHz5.5 kOhms2.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-7.5BECS-10.7-7.5BMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 4P 2PC 2.5DB Bulk10.7MHz1.8 kOhms2.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-21K-30AECS-21K-30AMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 2P 1.5DB TH Bulk21.4MHz1.5 kOhms1.5dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-21K-7.5AECS-21K-7.5AMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 2P 2DB TH Bulk21.4MHz1.5 kOhms2dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-10.7-15AECS-10.7-15AMONO XTAL 10.7MHZ 2P 2DB TH Bulk10.7MHz3 kOhms2dBHC-49/URoHS
ECS-21K-15BECS-21K-15BMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 4P 2PC 2DB TH Bulk21.4MHz1.5 kOhms2dBUM-1RoHS
ECS-21K-30BECS-21K-30BMONO XTAL 21.4MHZ 4P 2PC 2DB TH Bulk21.4MHz1.8 kOhms2dBUM-1RoHS

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