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CNC Tech
Flat Flex Cables
Molex Connector Corporation
25001 Series
Molex, LLC

25001 Series

Ribbon Cable Jumpers

Molex Connector Corporation

0.100" (2.54mm) pitch. Completely exposed wires on both sides with protective tab.

  • Cable Type:Ribbon
  • Length - Exposed Ends:0.125" (3.18mm)
  • Number of Conductors:3 ~ 9
  • Pitch:0.100" (2.54mm)
  • Termination Style:Completely Exposed Wires on Both Sides with Protective Tab

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02500104060250010406CABLE JUMPER 4POS 2.54MM 6" Ribbon40.100" (2.54mm)6.000" (152.40mm)RoHS
02500103040250010304CABLE JUMPER 3POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon30.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
02500104040250010404CABLE JUMPER 4POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon40.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
25001-060425001-0604CABLE JUMPER 6POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon60.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
25001-030625001-0306CABLE JUMPER 3POS 2.54MM 6" Ribbon30.100" (2.54mm)6.000" (152.40mm)RoHS
25001-090225001-0902CABLE JUMPER 9POS 2.54MM 2" Ribbon90.100" (2.54mm)2.000" (50.80mm)RoHS
25001-070625001-0706CABLE JUMPER 7POS 2.54MM 6" Ribbon70.100" (2.54mm)6.000" (152.40mm)RoHS
25001-050425001-0504CABLE JUMPER 5POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon50.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
02500107040250010704CABLE JUMPER 7POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon70.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
25001-050625001-0506CABLE JUMPER 5POS 2.54MM 6" Ribbon50.100" (2.54mm)6.000" (152.40mm)RoHS
25001-090425001-0904CABLE JUMPER 9POS 2.54MM 4" Ribbon90.100" (2.54mm)4.000" (101.60mm)RoHS
25001-090625001-0906CABLE JUMPER 9POS 2.54MM 6" Ribbon90.100" (2.54mm)6.000" (152.40mm)RoHS

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