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Abracon LLC
AXS Series
Aries Electronics
1107741 and 1108800
Bivar Inc.
470-0xx Series
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1107741 and 1108800

Oscillator Sockets

Aries Electronics

Full Size Socket

  • This four pin socket (in 14 and 8 position frames) accept standard oscillator packages.
  • Designed to be end-to-end or side-to-side stackable.
  • Machine insertable.
  • For Use With/Related Products:Oscillators
  • Number of Positions:8 ~ 14
  • Temperature:221°F (105°C)

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11077411107741OSCILLATOR SOCKET FULL SIZE 4PINSocket, Full SizeOscillators1414-DIP, 4 Lead (Full Size)RoHS
11088001108800OSCILLATOR SOCKET HALF SIZE 4PINSocket, Half SizeOscillators88-DIP, 4 Lead (Half Size)RoHS

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